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The Journal of Plant Genetic Resources is a bimonthly academic journal co-sponsored by the Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,and China Association of Agricultural Science Societies .Tt is the only journal in China that mainly introduces plant genetic resources. Founded in 2000, officially launched in 2003, quarterly from 2000 to 2009, and bimonthly in 2010.

The contents of the report are field, horticultural crops, ornamental and medicinal plants, basic research on plant genetic resources, research results in applied research, innovative academic papers, and high-level reviews or reviews of forest plants, grass plants and all their economic plants. For example, the investigation, collection, preservation, evaluation, utilization, innovation, Informatics, management, etc. of germplasm resources; Systems of origin, evolution, classification, etc.; Gene excavation, identification, cloning, establishment of gene libraries, and research on genetic diversity.


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bimonthly, sextodecimo. Price 68 RMB, 408  RMB a year.

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