Identification and Expression Profile Analysis of DUF761 Gene Family Members in Rice

College of Agronomy, Hunan Agricultural University/Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Rice and Rapseed Breeding for Disease Resistance/Crop Gene Engineering Key Laboratory of Hunan Province

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (31401699), The Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, China (2021JJ30314),Hunan Innovative Province Construction Special Fund Grant,Yuelu Mountain Seed Industry Innovation Project (2021NK1012)

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    The DUF761 family members contain a domain of unknown function (DUF) protein in plants, and these functions in rice remain un-described. In this study, 33 family members in rice genome have been identified by bioinformatics pipeline. Phylogenetic analysis suggested three subfamilies, while Motif-1, a conserved motif was present in each member of each subfamily. Fifteen types of cis-acting elements related to stress response, hormone response and development were found in the promoters of these OsDUF761 genes. The promoters of 30 OsDUF761 genes contain the ABRE element (abscisic acid response), and the promoter of a member OsDUF761-21 contains 16 ABRE elements. Tissue expression profile analysis showed that OsDUF761 gene members represented similar or distinct tissue expression profile patterns in rice. The transcriptional expression levels of 12, 13, 24, 24 and 18 OsDUF761 genes in rice were significantly changed after ABA, JA, low temperature, drought and rice blast treatments, respectively. Eight genes showed a common significant up- or down-regulation response trend after ABA treatment and drought treatment. Six genes showed a common response trend after JA treatment and M. oryzae treatment. Collectively, by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the rice DUF761 gene family members, this study provided insights for future deciphering their biological functions in rice.

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  • Received:March 31,2022
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  • Online: September 09,2022
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