Evaluation of Plant Regeneration Ability of Immature Embryos from Eight New Wheat Varieties or lines Developed in Henan Province

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    Screening wheat genotypes with high plant regeneration potential from freshly released commercial wheat varieties will be great beneficial to the improvement of this crop by genetic engineering strategy. By using the immature embryos of eight new wheat cultivars developed in recent years in Henan province as materials, the effect of three auxins 2,4-D, dicamba, and picloram on plant regeneration of larger immature embryos of the eight varieties was studied. In the case of adding dicamba on callus induction medium, plant regeneration efficiency of all the tested wheat varieties was more than 189%, among which the regeneration efficiency of six varieties such as Zhengmai1836 and Zhongyu1439 was over 400%. Under the circumstances that picloram was applied in callus initiation medium, plant regeneration efficiency of the eight wheat varieties was more than 210%, among which the regeneration efficiency of four varieties such as Zhengmai1860 and Zhengmai5135 was over 1100%. In the condition of 2,4-D used on calluse initiation medium, Zhongyu1439 showed the highest regeneration ability followed by Zhengmai5135 and Zhengmai1354, while a regeneration efficiency less than 60% was obtained in Zhengmai1860 and Zhengmai1836 and nothing happened in Zhengmai7698, Zhengmai0856, and Zhengmai9023. Results indicated the optimal auxin for the plant regeneration of larger immature wheat embryos is dicamba followed by picloram, but it also showed slight difference in different wheat varieties. In the tested eight wheat varieties, the order of the first four wheat lines based on regeneration potential of their immature embryos was Zhongyu1439, Zhengmai5135, Zhengmai5135 and Zhengmai1354.

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