Analysis and Evaluation of the major quantitative and qualitative traits for C. kweichowensis Hu

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    Taken 96 accessions of C. kweichowensis Hu in Dabie mountain as subjects .Using both probability classification and factor analysis methods to evaluate 16 quantitative traits and 9 qualitative traits of C. kweichowensis Hu. The results showed that the variation of quantitative traits were relatively abundant, ranged 5.49% to 111.18%. The quantitative traits which were relevant to nut yield had obvious variation , including shell kernel clearance (111.18%), kernel quality (32.61%), nut quality (32.22%), kernel mass percentage (26.60%) and shell thickness (25.46%).K-S test showed that 14 nut quantitative traits obeyed normal distribution with the significance value higher than 0.05 except for kernel shape index and shell kernel clearance. Factor analysis method extracted nut size factor, nut kernel mass percentage factor and nut plumpness from 16 quantitative traits, which preliminary built comprehensive evaluation index of nut quantitative traits for C. kweichowensis Hu. The study will provide a reference for evaluation, description and data standardization of C. kweichowensis Hu.

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