Mapping of Growth Habit Related Gene in Common Bean

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    Growth habit is an important trait associated with the domestication in common bean(Phaseolus vulgaris L.),which is a component trait including the types of inflorescence and stem.To locate the growth habit gene, we established F2 plants and F2:3 plants families derived from a cross between indeterminate viny common bean cultivar LiannongziyunNO.1(LianziNo.1) and determinate bush landrace Tuzitui (F0404).The genetic analysis showed that determinate bush was controlled by a single recessive gene, designed as gh-lz, which was primarily mapped on B1 linkage group by bulked segregant analysis. With a lager mapping population, more SSR and In/Del markers, the gh-lz gene was further mapped between SSR marker p1t52 and In/Del marker In93, sited on 45,453,003bp-45,575,103bpon B01, with a physical region about 122kb. This region included 12 genes, named Gene1~Gene12.The 12 candidategenes were annotated by BLAST searching NCBI, and Gene12 was annotated as TFL1 in common bean.These results provided a foundation for growth habit trait study and gene cloning.

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