The Analysis of Distribution and Evolution of Genus Pyrus in Changdao, Shandong

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    In order to explore the genetic diversity, distribution and evolution of wild pear populations in China, Choice Changdao county in Shandong province as the investigation area, for isolated island, The plant resources of genus Pyrus to carry out the field survey and genetic analysis. The results showed that genus Pyrus resources were abundant in Changdao county, Mainly include Pyrus betulaefolia, Pyrus calleryana, Pyrus pyrifolia, etc , Among them, the mutation type is more, and found a specific type; Resources are mainly distributed in the ridge and halfway up the hill, and is relatively concentrated, on a small area could found many kinds of resource type; Genetic analysis showed that resources of genus Pyrus in island was close relationship with adjacent land resources. In addition, the plants of the genus Pyrus by the field investigation confirmed that the birds feeding pear fruit. Presumption based on the above, the birds in the dispersal of genus Pyrus resource may act as a role, in order to further understand the Chinese pear distribution and evolution provides a new research idea.

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