Survival status investigation 、collection and protection suggestions of Oryza rufipogon Griff in Guangdong

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    In order to fully understand the survival status of O.rufipogon Griff in Guangdong and make basis for the long-term protection of wild rice in our country, field survey on O.rufipogon Griff was carried out during 2005-2015.Investigation identified that there were 117 distribution sites of O. rufipogon currently in 25 counties (city) in Guangdong, of which 102 sites were recorded historically, the other 15 sites were newly discovered. There had been 1083 distribution sites of O. rufipogon in Guangdong by historical data, but until now, at 977 of which wild rice has disappeared completely, the distribution sites has lost 90.55%. The species critically endangered. The investigation indicated that the farmland reclamation, water conservancy construction, aquaculture development, use of herbicides, environmental pollution and the invasion of alien species were the main cause of the disappearance of a large number of wild rice. During the survey 1354 accessions from 118 populations were collected and preserved ex situ at national field genebank for wild rice (Guangzhou, Guangdong), which provide greater material guarantee for the sustainable and safe preservation and utilization of wild rice resources. In addition, the paper proposed suggestions for the long-term protection of O.rufipogon Griff in Guangdong.

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