High-Level Genetic Diversity of Siberian Apricot (Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam) in Inner Mongolia as Revealed by Phenotypic traiting

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    The variation and the relationship of Armeniaca sibirica in Inner Mongolia were revealed by phenotyping. Cluster analysis, correlation analysis, principal component analysis were applied to analyze the 37 phenotypic traits of 143 individuals from 14 populations of Armeniaca sibirica. The results showed that there were significantly differences in genetic variation with average variation coefficient of 20.38%. The variation coefficient of single fruit weight was highest(56.69%), while the variation coefficient of fruit shape index was smallest(7.99%). The Shannon-Wiener information index of quantitative traits(2.648) was higher than qualitative traits(0.247), and which showed that there was high phenotypic diversity in Armeniaca sibirica. The degree of variation coefficient was highest for leaf, followed by fruit and nutlet,but lowest for kernel. The degree of the Shannon-Wiener information index was highest for leaf, followed by nutlet and kernel, but lowest for fruit. The tested Armeniaca sibirica individuals could be divided into four groups according to the cluster analysis. The kernels of first group were large and full, thin shell and high kernel rate were appeared in second group, the shells of third group were thick, large fruits and large nutlets as well as large kernels were appeared in the fourth group. Principal component analysis showed that the six principal components added up to 87.21% of the variation, with similarities to results of cluster analysis and correlation analysis. A significant relationship had occurred between phenotypic traits and some economic traits, like nutlet rate and kernel rate. Nine phenotypic traits, including single fruit weight, weight of dry nutlet, weight of dry kernel, nutlet side diameter, shell thickness, kernel horizontal diameter, fruit shape index, nutlet shape index, kernel shape index, were evaluated among the tested genetic resources. Phenotypic variation of Armeniaca sibirica in Inner Mongolia was rich, this will facilitate the studies of the genetic resources and breeding theoretically and practically.

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