Breeding and Rebirth Technical Specification

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    Abstract: The project Collection, Conservation, Enhancement, Share and Utilization of Proso Millet Germplasm Resources in China has launched for 12 years, which collected and conserved lots of endangered proso millet germplasm resources; proso millet germplasm resources stored in national long-term gene bank were reproduced and identified; standards and regulations on reproduction and identification technologies of proso millet were set. New proso germplasm resources and related data were provided for National Gene Bank; The establishment of national proso millet germplasm save the library in the medium term;evaluation and creation were done for a number of proso millet germplasm resources and these resources were provided for production, breeding and processing, which have gained social and economic benefits.

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  • Received:December 23,2014
  • Revised:December 23,2014
  • Adopted:March 18,2015
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