Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Heat Tolerance in Eggplant Seedling

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    Determining objective, reasonable heat tolerance evaluation indexes, and evaluating heat tolerance of different cultivars vegetables, which are of great significance to the research on heat tolerance mechanism and the breeding of heat tolerance. Different heat tolerance eggplant cultivars were used to determine physiological and biochemical indexes in seeding stage. The heat tolerance of eggplant seeding was comprehensively evaluated by using fuzzy mathematics theory. Using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the weights of heat tolerance indexes. The results showed that heat injury index, recovery index, MDA content, SOD activity and POD activity had the greatest effect on heat tolerance. The weights were 0.2500, 0.2500, 0.1092, 0.1092 and 0.1092. According to the result of comprehensive evaluation, the heat tolerance of YouYiYiHao was the strongest, followed by F-762, and GuTianZiChangQie was the weakest. The results were consistent with those assessed in open field of natural high temperature. It showed that this method had a better applicability of comprehensive evaluation on eggplant seeding heat tolerance, which can be used for identification of heat tolerance in mass cultivars.

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  • Received:April 15,2014
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