Identification of QTL for Tassel Color in Maize

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    Abstract: tassel is an important reproductive organ of maize and the appearance of different kinds of maize differ in thousands of ways .molecular markers, tightly linked with tassel color, could be screened by genetic analysis and QTL mapping of the color of the maize tassel. these molecular markers can be used as an useful tool for maize variety protection and species identification. Mean while, higher pigment content of anthocyan in purple tassel is closely related to the insect resistance of maize tassel. In this study, a black SDM of maize inbred lines were used as a common male parent and respectively hybrid with the white maize inbred lines of wood and yellow maize inbred line Mo17 to build two F2: 3 groups, respectively named MuS (Mu6 x SDM), and MoS (, Mo17 ?SDM).these two groups were planted in two different environments in Yunnan and Chongqing, then conduct QTL mapping about two traits, the anther color (COAn) and the anther capes color (COCa). The results showed that: the anther color and the anther cape color are both quantitative traits, jointly controlled by major genes and minor genes. Seven QTL related to anther color are detected from the two groups in two different environments. They are located in chromosome 2,3,6 and 10.The QTL within marker interval umc1196a-IDP8526 on the chromosome 10 both expressed in Chongqing and Yunnan, and the contribution rate of the phenotype were 23.17% and 19.98%; nine QTL related to anther cape color are detected from the two groups in two environments, located in chromosome 3, 6, 9 and 10 .Among them, three QTL are environmental insensitive (they express in both two environments and the contribution rate are greater than 10%), which respectively in the marker interval umc1979-umc1796 mmc0523-umc2006 in chromosome 6 and the marker interval umc1196a-umc2043 in the chromosome 10 and the contribution rate of the phenotype ranges from 10.69% to 59.30%. The location and effect of the major QTL detected from these two groups have a high degree of consistency, and the major QTL controlling the two traits of anther color and anther cape color have the phenomenon of chain of distribution, mainly near the marker mmc0523 at bin6.04 and the marker IDP8526 at bin10.04. QTL that located on chromosome 6 and 10, and that are stable in different environments and genetic backgrounds can be regarded as the target sites used for further fine mapping. They can also provide a valuable reference for marker-assisted selection of maize tassel color.

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