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    • Morphological Characters Genetic Variation of Yunnan Rice Core Collection BC1F2


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    • Comparative QTL Mapping of Resistance to Sporisorium reiliana in Maize Based on Meta-analysis of QTL Locations


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      Abstract:The integration QTL map for Sporisorium reiliana resistance in maize was constructed by compiling a total of 22 QTL available for this trait with Genetic Map IBM2 2005 Neighbors as reference.These 22 QTL were found to be located on 9 chromosomes of maize with exception of chromosome 7.Using a meta-analysis method,2 "consensus" QTL were identified on chromosomes 2 and 3 with map interval of 8.79cM and 18.92cM,respectively.The gene and marker sequences within 2 "consensus" QTL were downloaded respectively from website Maize GDB,and 4 positional candidate genes were identified by comparing these sequences against resistance genes of other Poacease by internet software BLASTx.Using a synteny conservation approach based on comparative mapping between maize genetic map and rice physical map,a total of 69 rice and maize resistance genes were projected onto maize genetic map IBM2 2005 Neighbors,and one each rice resistance gene was found in 2 "consensus QTL".The results provided useful information for fine mapping!QTL,gene cloning and molecular breeding for resistance to Sporisorium reiliana in maize.

    • Phylogenetic Relationship among the Species in Genus Arachis Through SSR


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      Abstract:Forty-four SSR primer pairs were used to amplify genomic DNA of 21 peanut genotypes in genus Arachis.Thirty-four of the 44 primers were detected which displayed polymorphism among 21 peanut genotypes and amplified 190 loci alleles in total.The average number of alleles per locus was 5.59 with range of 3 to 11.The genetic diversity level among 21 genotypes in genus Arachis were very high and genetic distance(GD) was from 0.08 to 0.95 with an average of 0.63.The results from UPGMA analysis indicated that genetic differentiation among the genotypes from different sections was bigger than that from the same section.Genetic diversities of species in section Procumbentes was richer than that in other sections.There was also considerable polymorphism among the different genotypes of one same species.The genetic distance between cultivated peanut and several species including A.duranensis,A.villosa and A.batizocoi belonging to section Arachis was relatively more close in the comparison with some other species which was in accordance with peanut classification system.

    • Inoculation Technique and Screening Maize Germplasm Resistance to Fusarium Ear Rot


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      Abstract:Two methods,toothpick inoculation and silk channel inoculation,were compared for screening the maize germplasm resistance to Fusarium ear rot.The results indicated that toothpick inoculation caused higher severity of maize ear comparing with that of silk channel inoculation.The toothpick inoculation was a desired and easy to operate technique for screening the resistance,the pathogen in between kernel and cob was favor infection and promoted establishment of the pathogen.A total of 178 maize inbred and 15 hybrids were evaluated for resistance to ear rot by using toothpick inoculation in the field.Among the tested maize inbred and hybrids,one highly resistant and 34 resistant maize inbred,and 12 resistant hybrids were screened for the disease resistance to Fusarium ear rot.

    • Verification and Cloning of SSR Marker Linked with the Gene of Verticillium Wilt Resistance in Gossypium barbadense L.


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      Abstract:以陆地棉与海岛棉杂交组合中棉所8号×Pima90-53 F2群体的100个单株和邯208×Pima90-53 F2的131个单株为材料,在条件可控的培养室鉴定抗病性,进行海岛棉黄萎病抗性基因连锁SSR标记(BNL3255-208)分析,进一步检验该标记的应用价值,并对该标记进行克隆、测序。结果表明,2个组合的F2群体中抗病、感病植株比例经x2c适合性测验均符合3∶1分离比例;中棉所8号×Pima90-53 F2的79个抗病单株中有70株检测出BNL3255-208标记,抗病单株中有该标记的百分率为88.6%,邯208×Pima90-53 F2的100个抗病单株中有85株检测出BNL3255-208标记,抗病单株中有该标记的百分率为85.0%。通过回收BNL3255-208片段,并进行克隆和测序,表明该标记是一条长211bp、含10次TG重复的片段,该标记为辅助选育抗病品种奠定了基础。

    • Establishment and Optimization of AFLP for Faba Bean


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      Abstract:对蚕豆DNA提取质量和浓度、DNA双酶切与连接、酶切连接产物的预扩增和选择性扩增等AFLP技术体系中的关键技术进行了优化处理,构建了蚕豆AFLP银染技术体系。酶切与连接可在12.5μl体系中一步完成,酶切连接温度为37℃,反应时间12~14 h;预扩增体系为20μl,选择性扩增体系为10μl。采用该技术体系应用8对引物构建的蚕豆种质资源AFLP指纹图谱,扩增条带多、多态性强且质量好,可满足遗传多样性分析要求。

    • Chromosome Number Identification of Some Wild Setaria Species


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      Abstract:Chromosome number and polyploidy level identification were made on 50 accessions of wild Setaria species including S.viridis,S.faberii,S.verticillata,S.verticilliformis,S.glauca,S.parviflora,S.pumila,S.grisebachii,S.leucopila,S.queenslandica.All the S.viridis samples were found to be diploid,S.glauca samples had tetraploid and octoploid types,S.verticillata samples had diploid and tetraploid and all samples of S.faberii were tetraploid.One S.pumila sample was found to be diploid and other samples of the same species were tetraploid,and the diploid S.pumila would be important for genome composition study because it was the first diploid sample found in glauca group of Setaria genus.Among the three species,which were the first time ploidy level identification reported,S.grisebachii and S.grisebachii were diploid and S.queenslandica was a tetraploid species.

    • Identification on Protein & Fat Content for Chinese Proso Millet Germplasm Resources


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      Abstract:Through 3 times of protein & fat content identification analysis for 6515 proso millet germplasm from 14 provinces(districts) in China,the average protein & fat content of proso millet were obtained.Some excellent proso millet germplasm were found,such as the ones with protein content of over 15.00% and the ones with fat content more than 4.00%,even the ones whose protein content and fat content were both more than the above level.All these excellent proso millet germplasm would contribute to our Chinese proso millet production and breeding.

    • Cryopreservation of Shoot Tips from in vitro Plants of Cut Flower of Lily (Lilium L.) by Vitrification Method


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    • The Morphological Diversity Analysis of Wild Adzuki Bean Germplasm Resources


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      Abstract:95 accessions of wild adzuki bean germplasm resources from China,Japan,Korea and Burma,were analyzed for their morphological genetic diversity.The results showed that wild and weedy adzuki bean were obviously different in some characters,such as plant height,maturity period,seed color and 100 seed-weight and so on.Based on the morphological data,95 accessions were clustered into 5 groups.Wild adzuki bean from Burma and China,were clustered into two groups,respectively.The last three groups were from Japan and Korea.The accessions from Burma,had longest growth period,widest diameter of stem,more plant branch and smallest 100-seed weight.The wild germplasm resources from Guizhou of China had longer plant height,thinner stem,more seeds per pod,longer growth period.The Japanese wild germplasm had highest grain yield per plant.The germplasm with shortest growth period,highest 100-seed weight,highest value in L*,a*,b* were all weedy type from Japan and Korea.

    • QTL Analysis of Yield Components in Maize under Different Water Regimes


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      Abstract:产量及其产量因子是衡量玉米耐旱能力的重要性状。本研究利用Lo1067×Y i72的F2∶3家系进行产量性状的数量性状位点(QTL)的分析。结果表明,在正常水分条件和开花期干旱胁迫条件下,分别有14个QTL与产量性状穗重、粒重、轴重、百粒重、穗数、穗粒数有关。此外,还检测到7个与抗旱指数(TI)相关的QTL。各QTL所解释的表型变异在1%~78%;这些QTL以部分显性和超显性为主。不同胁迫条件下检测到的QTL不一致,说明存在显著的QTL与环境互作。

    • Genetic Diversity of Oryza rufipogon Griff.in Hainan Province with SSR Markers


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      Abstract:选用平均分布于水稻基因组的28对SSR引物,对海南不同纬度5个普通野生稻居群的163份材料进行遗传多样性和遗传结构研究。结果表明:(1)海南普通野生稻具有较高的遗传多样性,28个位点共检测到227个等位变异,平均等位变异数A=8.1071,有效等位变异数Ae=4.4190,平均期望杂合度He=0.4004,实际观察杂合度Ho=0.7062,香农指数I=1.6048;(2)居群的遗传分化系数较大,总的遗传变异中有46.40%存在于居群间(Fst=0.4640);(3)居群内杂合体较高(F is=-0.7069),根据固定指数(F=0.0588)计算出的异交率t=0.8889,说明海南普通野生稻的繁育系统属于一种较高的异交混合交配类型。

    • Drought Resistance Evaluation of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. from Different Regions in Germination Stage


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      Abstract:The drought resistance of six Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.accessions from different regions was studied under simulated drought stress with PEG6000.Through measurating morphological and physiological indexes related to drought resistance,and evaluating integrative with subordinate function and system cluster analysis,we could conclude that No.1 and No.2 accessions from central region of Inner Mongolia had higher drought resistance,then followed by No.4 from eastern region of Inner Mongolia as well as No.5 and No.6 from Xinjiang.The resistance of No.3 was the lowest.Through subordinate function and system cluster analysis,20% PEG6000 was suitable for evaluation of drought resistance of licorice in germination stage.

    • ISSR Analysis of Genetic Diversity among Lespedeza bicolor Populations


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    • Photosynthetic Characteristics in Fruiting Period of Grafted Cucumber on Different Genotype Stocks


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    • Analysis of Heterosis and Genetic Effects on the Ratio of Grain Weight to Flag Leaf Area in Winter Wheat


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    • Heredity Analysis of Bruchid Resistance of A Cultivar Mungbean V2709


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      Abstract:By using V2709,a mungbean cultivar with bruchid resistance from India,and VC1973A,a bruchid susceptible variety as parents,F1 and F2 generations were developed to investigate the agronomic traits,identify the bruchid resistance and conduct statistics analysis.The result showed that the bruchid resistance of V2709 is controlled by one single dominant gene.This resistance character had positive correlation with plant height and node numbers,but had no correlation with other traits.

    • Analysis of the Difference of Differentiation, Retrogression and Formation on Branch and Spikelet in Rice Panicle under Different Seasons


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      Abstract:Traits of differentiation,retrogression and formation on branch and spikelet in hybrid rice panicle were investigated at heading with 19 combinations sowed at different dates in the field,and the difference of the traits and their interrelations for the different seasons were analyzed.The results were as follows: there were considerable differences for differentiated primary branch(DPB),differentiated secondary branch(DSB),differentiated spikelet(DS),retrograded primary branch(RPB),retrograded secondary branch(RSB),retrograded spikelet(RS),percentage of retrograded primary branch(PRPB),percentage of retrograded secondary branch(PRSB),percentage of retrograded spikelet(PRS),survived primary branch(SPB),survived secondary branch(SSB),survived spikelet of primary branch directly(SSP),survived spikelet of secondary branch(SSS) and total survived spikelet(SST) among combinations and seasons,while differences of total survived spikelet(SST) under different seasons ranged 5.12%-93.59% and the average variation value of the total 19 combinations was 34.19%.Generally,variation of the traits of secondary branch under different seasons was the highest,that of spikelet was the second,and that of primary branch was the lowest.Aiming at the variability of the traits of differentiation,retrogression and formation on branch and spikelet in rice panicle under different seasons,the selections and utilization of new hybrid rice breeding resources from the point of view on large panicle were discussed.

    • Screening on High-yield Wheat Resources and Innovation Research


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      Abstract:Based on more than 20 years of wheat big grain and spike weight resource innovation research,we selected 256 big grain germplasm accounting for 8.9%,93 rare big grain germplasm accouting for 3.2%,8 large grain resources accounting for 0.3% of total 2878 wheat resources in 2000-2006.There were 176 resources with single spike weight from 2g to 2.49g accounting for 0.3%,83 germplasm with single spike weight from 2.5g to 2.99g accouting for 2.88%,19 valuable germplasm with single spike weight of more than 3 g accouting for 0.66%.The developed innovation strategy for big grain and weighty spike germplasm included ideal plant shape trait with large grain and spike weight,secure yield trait with big grain and weighty spike trait,excellent quality traits with big grain and weighty spike trait,combination of ordinary technique and modern biotechnology.Through innovation,excellent large grain and weighty spike middle materials breeding could supply fine gene resources and improve the development for super-wheat breeding.

    • Characteristics of Phosphorus Uptake in Different Rice (Oryza sativa) Cultivars under Phosphorus Stress Condition


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      Abstract:Under phosphorus stress condition,there were obvious differences on fresh weight,dry weight,total phosphorus content per plant and accumulative phosphorus amount per plant in the tested rice(Japanica subgroup) cultivars.TP309 and Youzhi 8 were selected as phosphorus high efficiency. Total phosphorus content and accumulative phosphorus amount in TP309 were higher 37.50%-40.00% and 82.76%-102.00%,respectively than those in Zao 88-1.The root number per plant,average root length and plant root volume had not tightly correlations with the accumulative phosphorus amount in the tested cultivars.Meanwhile,the photosynthetic rate(Pn),leaf soluble protein content and leaf soluble carbohydrate content all were increase with the increase of accumulative phosphorus amount.

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    • Study on the Genetic Integrity of Ultra-dried Seed of Rice with Isozyme of α-Amy and SOD


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    • Age-related Resistance to Main Strains T1 of Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) in China during Tomato Seedlings


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      Abstract:Susceptible and resistant tomato lines were artificially inoculated with Phytophthora infestans strain T1 during different seedling ages of 3,6,9 leaves.Results indicated that with the seedling aging the susceptible lines presented lower susceptible level.The disease index decreased 28.8% and 3.9% respectively for 6 leaves stage compared to 3 leaves stage and 9 leaves stage compared to 6 leaves stage,while the difference between them was not significant.The disease index of 9 leaves seedlings decreased 31.0% than 3 leaves ones and the difference was significant at 5% level.Regarding to the resistant lines,the disease index of 6 and 9 leaves reduced also about 50% when compared to 3 leaves seedling.The difference was significant at 1% level.The resistance of 6 and 9 leaves age seedling was almost the same.

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    • Progress in Plant Promoters Related to Disease Resistance


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      Abstract:Plant promoters are important cis-regulatory elements for regulating gene expression.Studies on character,isolation and application of plant promoters related to disease resistance are pivotal to enhance plants disease resistance.In this paper,the basic structure and cloning methods of plant promoters were reviewed.The advances on isolation method,application and existed problems of constitutive,tissue-specific promoters,and natural and artificially synthetic pathogen-inducible promoters in plant were introduced in details.The prospect in the study of promoters related to disease resistance was sketched.

    • Germplasm Resources and Genetic Diversity Research of Flowering Shrub


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      Abstract:The research progress of flowering shrub resources on genetic diversity of morphology,cytology,isozyme,DNA levels were reviewed.Main problems existed in the present research on genetic diversity of flowering shrub resources were discussed and the suggestions were given.

    • Progress on Inheritance and Breeding for Resistance to Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Virus


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      Abstract:Wheat spindle streak mosaic(WSSMV),transmitted by the soil-borne fungi(Polymyxa graminis),is a serious disease in wheat-growing regions,such as in the reaches of Yangtze River,Yellow River and the Huaihe River in China.This paper highlighted some of the significant progresses made on screening of resistant germplasm resources,mechanism of resistance,inheritance of resistance,molecular marker of resistant genes and development of resistant varieties in China.The results showed as follow: abundant resistant germplasm resources existed in landrace and commercial wheat varieties.There was close relationship between resistance to WSSMV and activity of some enzymes as well as content of soluble sugar in plant.The resistance to WSSMV seemed to be controlled by one to three pairs of dominant genes.New reisistant variety with excellent agronomic traits could be developed by cross between resistant and susceptible varieties.Suggestions were made on development of the wheat varieties with resistance to WSSMV in the future in the paper.

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