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    • Genetic Analysis of Leaf Shape and Gossypol Gland Mutants in Upland Cotton


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      Abstract:阔叶、有棉酚腺体陆地棉干种子经250Gy^60 Coγ射线辐照,在M1代筛选到鸡脚叶γ-1、γ-2和γ-5突变体。3株突变体自交后代(M2)中,阔叶:鸡脚叶:超鸡脚叶的分离比例符合1:2:1;γ—1和γ-2自交后代中的所有棉株均有棉酚腺体;γ-5自交后代中,有棉酚腺体株:无棉酚腺体株的分离比例符合3:1,阔叶、有棉酚腺体株:阔叶、无棉酚腺体株:鸡脚叶、有棉酚腺体株:鸡脚叶、无棉酚腺体株:超鸡脚叶、有棉酚腺体株:超鸡脚叶、无棉酚腺体株的分离比例符合3/16:1/16:6/16:2/16:3/16:1/16。该结果表明,3株突变体的叶形变异由1对不完全显性基因控制,γ-5的无棉酚腺体基因由1对隐性基因控制,且γ-5的叶形基因与棉酚腺体基因为独立遗传。通过对γ-5自交后代各种变异株的SSR标记研究表明,BNL3649、BNL2440度BNL1414为候选标记。为进一步对突变基因进行定位奠定了基础。

    • Creation and Evaluation of GR38, A Japonica-prone Wide Spectrum Restorer Line of Rice


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      Abstract:The GR38,a japonica-prone rice with wide spectrum and strong restoring,was developed from the cross of Guangzhongai,a wide compatibility China indica rice,and Balilla,a Italian japonica rice without restoring ability.GR38 performed strong restoring ability to most of cytoplasmic male sterile(CMS) lines and was different from other restorer lines available only to some of CMS.SSR analysis revealed that a restorer gene of GR38 was located on the long arm of chromosome 1.It was different from any reported restorer locus according to their chromosomal locations and may be a new one.In addition,GR38 has showed strong combining ability in grain yield and significant heterosis.The restorer line breeding way created from the cross of distant japonica rice and wide compatibility indica was useful to broad the scope of restorer genes resources and genetic base,and to break the limitation of the restoring genes from a few of Southeasten Asian varieties such as IR24 and its progeny.

    • Genetic Heterogeneity and Diversity within and among Chinese Wheat Landraces as Revealed by Gliadin Composition


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      Abstract:The gliadin composition of seventy-two Chinese wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) landraces was analyzed by A-PAGE in order to understand their genetic heterogeneity and genetic diversity.In total,101 gliadin bands were observed in all accessions,which formed 229 gliadin patterns.The number of gliadin bands in a landrace ranged from 14 to 24.Sixty-three landraces (87.5%) had more than two types of combinations of gliadin patterns.Among them, Erhongpi(ZM004659) had the highest number of 14 gliadin patterns in 30 kernels.Most landraces had two to three gliadin banding patterns.Nine landraces(12.5%) had identical gliadin patterns in different kernels within each entry.This indicates that most Chinese landraces examined were genetically heterogeneous in gliadin constitution.Cluster analysis demonstrated that the landraces originated from similar ecotypes were not grouped together.

    • Mathematically Statistical Analysis of Main Reproductive Characteristics of Oryza rufipogon Griff. in Gaozhou


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      Abstract:Diversity of reproductive factors expressed obviously among all the sampling sites of O.rufipogon Griff.in Gaozhou.Path analysis was studied about 141 accessions involving pollen fertility,anther dehiscence index,embryo sac fertility and seed setting rate.The results showed that seed setting rate of 61.17% was effected by pollen fertility,anther dehiscence index and embryo sac fertility,in which anther dehiscence index(the path coefficient reached 0.6495) was the most important factor.Pollen fertility and embryo sac fertility had almost the same direct effect on seed setting rate,and their direct path coefficients were 0.2356 and 0.2137 respectively.Indirect path coefficient of pollen fertility via anther dehiscence index reached 0.2960.O.rufipogon Griff.of 141 accessions were classified into four groups by cluster analysis,to which the variance analysis and the Duncan's multiple comparison test were employed.The details were as follows: In the first group,all the pollen fertility,anther dehiscence index and embryo sac fertility had effects little on the seed setting rate.Seed setting rate is mainly affected by embryo sac fertility in second group,which is affected by anther dehiscence index in the third group,which is affected by anther dehiscence index and pollen fertility in the fourth group.

    • Screening and Application of Chinese Jujube Germplasm with High Resistance to Witches'''' Broom Disease


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    • Cytological Identification and SSR Analysis of Wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium Lines with Resistance to Powdery Mildew


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    • Evaluation of Resistance to Spread of Fusarium Head Blight in Barley


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      Abstract:The resistance to spread of Fusarium head blight was evaluated in Barley by using single floret injection. The result showed there was the resistance to spread as well as to initial infection of Fusarium head blight in barley. The comparison of different traits in different days after inoculation suggested that the proportion of scabbed spikelets on 21 days after inoculation was the best index for evaluating the resistance to spread of Fusarium head blight, which had the largest range, genetic coefficient variance and heretability. The number of scabbed spikelets on 21 days after inoculation and the area under disease progress curve were significant correlated to the proportion of scabbed spikelets on 21 days after inoculation. There was a large diversity for the resistance to spread of Fusarium head blight in barley cultivar. Among all tested cuhivars, Suyin 21, Wujing 1, Pu846193, Yan 97001 and 96AC20-30 were high resistance cuhivars, which occupyied 2.04% of the total tested cuhivars.

    • Discrepancy Analysis of Flue-cured Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)


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      Abstract:The discrepancy analysis of more than 700 flue-cured tobacco germplasm resources has been researched in the aspects of botanical traits, primary characters, disease resistant and tobacco leaf chemical component. The results showed that the discrepancy of flue-cured tobacco germplasm resources were mainly in the plant type, leaf shape, leaf auricle, leaf apex, angle of leaf and inflorescence. In addition, the main characters had certain differences. The range of plant height, wiping plant height, total leaves, node distance, stem, breadth and length of middle leaf were 97.0-326.0cm, 75.3-133.7cm, 8.6-54 leaves, 2. 6-10. lcm, 6.3-13.8cm, 41.6- 99.0cm, 16.6-47.8cm respectively. The range of proportion of the lower leaf, cutters, and upper leaf are 1.3- 3.7,1.5-4.9,1.6-5.8 separately. The range of budding period stage was 30-100 days. The coefficients of variation of the main characters were 7.8%-30. 3%. There were great differences in tobacco leaf chemical component for different germplasm resources, and the coefficient of variation was from 16.4% to 69.2%. Among 702 germplasm resources, the percentage of disease resistance, medium resistance, susceptibility, medium susceptibility was 18.2% , 36.0% , 6.6% , 39.0% respectively, and the considerable germplasm resources may offer the breeders with multiple choices in the future breeding programs.

    • Study on Characteristics of Germination and Drought-resistance Index by Osmotic Stress in Rice


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      Abstract:Polyethylene glycol(PEG)-6000 was employed as osmotic agent for simulating water stress,to study the germination characteristics of rice grain in four difference concentrations osmotic solution and to establish the identification index for indirectly evaluating drought-resistance in germination period.The result showed that the inhibiting on seed germination in higher concentration of PEG was larger than that in lower concentration of PEG,and drought response index of germination rate was increased along with the decrease of PEG conentration and the course of germination.Germination rate after germinated 6 days in 20% concentration of PEG had more variance range and coeffecient of variation,better proportion on variety distributing than other's,it could reflect different response of rice variety on osmotic stress,so it was fit for drought-resistance identification on germination rate.Survival rate of seedling treated drought repeatedly was significantly correlated with the index of germination in osmotic stress and coleoptile length after germinated 8 days on 20% concentration of PEG,so index of germination and coleoptile length could be used as identification index for indirectly evaluating drougt-resistance at the seedling stage.

    • Survey of the Biologic Characteristic on the Nutritional Stress in the Dongxiang Wild Rice


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      Abstract:Biologic characteristic on the nutritional stress in the Dongxiang wild rice were surveyed with the two populations Dongtang(DT)and Dongtangxice(DTXC),a variety tolerant to phosphorus defeciency Dalidao(DLD) and another variety sensitive to phosphorus defeciency Xinsanbaili(XSBL) by sandy culture and soil culture.The results of sandy culture showed that the dry weight of shoot and yield of biomass of DT and DTXC decreased under low-N,low-P,low-K stress.the ratio of shoot to root increased more significantly and it was more obviously under low-N stress.The results of soil culture showed that the dynamics of plant height and tillering under low-N were basically similar to those of no fertilizer treatment in all varieties.Under low-N,low-P and low-K stresses the tillering numbers of DLD and XSBL had a decreasing stage,but those of DT and DTXC populations basically kept steady.Compared to full fertilizer treatment,traits of dry weight of leaf,root and stem-sheath of DT were significantly different,and traits of length of flag leaf,dry weight of leaf,stem and yield of biomass of DTXC were significantly different under P-deficiency condition respectively,and other traits were insignificantly different.Other 11 traits of DT were insignificantly different barring dry weight of leaf and root,and other 11 traits of DTXC were insignificantly different barring density of spikelet setting and weight of panicle respectively under K-deficiency condition.So it preliminarily indicated DT and DTXC of Dongxiang wild rice were no tolerant to low-N,and had more different tolerant ability to low-P and low-K stresses.

    • Endogenous Hormones Analysis of Eggplant Male Sterility during Buds Development


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      Abstract:The contents of IAA, GA3 ,ABA,ZR were compared between male sterile lines and their maintainer lines of eggplants buds at different developmental stages by using ELISA. The results show that the contents of IAA,GA3 ,ABA in male sterile lines were higher than that in maintainer lines. The content of ZR in maintainer lines were higher than that in male sterile lines, and there were different changes in the male sterile lines and the maintainer lines.

    • QTL Analysis of Traits Related to Flowering in Elite Maize Inbred Line Dan 330 with Early Maturity


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      Abstract:玉米开花相关性状与玉米的成熟期和产量有密切的联系。通过对玉米CN165×单330(早熟种质)群体的130个F2:3家系开花相关性状在3个环境下进行分子鉴定和数量性状位点(QTL)分析,结果表明,在3个环境中检测到控制抽雄天数的10个QTL,分别位于第2、3、4、5、7、8染色体上,在第8染色体上同一区域在3种环境下都检测到了QTL;检测到控制散粉天数的10个QTL,分别位于第1、2、3、5、7、8染色体上,在第8染色体上同一区域在2种环境下都检测到了QTL;检测到控制吐丝天数的4个QTL,分别位于第4、5、8染色体上,在第8染色体不同环境下都检测到了2个QTL;仅仅在一个环境中检测到控制ASI的2个QTL,分别位于第6、9染色体上。这些QTL的基因效应以部分显性和超显性为主。研究表明,第8染色体上ph i060-um c2401区域(8.03~8.04)是一个研究开花相关性状的重要基因组区段,涉及到的标记可以作为分子标记辅助选择的重要候选标记。

    • Preliminary Study on Heritability and Hereditary Progress of the Main Quantitative Characters in Tumorous Stem Mustard(Brassica juncea var. tumida Tsen et Lee)


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    • Analysis on Heritability and Combining Ability of CL Parents of Sugarcane


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    • Morphological Diversity of Soybean Germplasm Resources in Shandong


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    • Identification and Analysis of Litchi Cultivar Guangming in Hainan by RAPD Markers


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      Abstract:Identification of six litchi putative clones with 20 arbitrary primers of 10 bases were carride out by random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD)markers.Each of them had the same 125 bands,which affirmed that they were high similar to type of Guangming.The genetic relationship of the 43 litchi germplasm resources were analyzed by RAPD with 30 arbitrary primers of 10 bases.212 RAPD loci were polymorphic and accounted for 80.83% of all the loci.The 43 accessions could be classified into 4 groups at the level of the similarity coefficient of 78%,and Guangming belonged to Group 3.These groups were generally with traits of maturing periods.No characteristic band was found to identify Guangming from other germplasms,but it can be identified from others by a combination of several primers such as AP09,AM16 and AK17.

    • The Genetic Diversity of Mungbean Germplasm in China


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    • Studies on the Fat Metabolism in Stored Chinese Onion Seed with Different Moisture Content


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    • Breeding of Apetalous Line APL03 with Short Plant Height in Brassica napus


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    • The Difference Sensitivity of Different Inbred Line of Maize Genotypes to Zinc Nutrient


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      Abstract:Inbred line of maize plants of five genotypes were treated with five Zn solution to test their nutritional characters. The result indicated there was different sensitivity in five genotypes to different Zn concentration . When Zn concentration was 10^-7mol/L, the maize seedling grew very well, it is the most suitable Zn concentration to maize growth. The Zn concentration in which maize seedling grew worst was 10^-9mol/L. There is different effect to different solution Zn concentration among five inbred line of Maize . The solution Zn concentration has obvious effect on the growth of shoot , and no significant effect on root. SN-11 is Zn sensitive inbred line of maize. 178, XingK36, Chang7-2 are middle sensitivity genotypes. LuYuan92 is close to Zn efficient genotype.

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    • Utilization of the Sweetpototo Line C180 with Good Quality and Resistance to Fusarium Wilt in Breeding


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    • >专题论述
    • Advances of the Interaction between Proteins of Plant and Virus Using Yeast Two Hybrid Method


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      Abstract:During long time evolution,plants developed elaborate defense pathway and complicated mechanisms against virus and other pathogens. Virus proteins,such as coat protein(CP),movement protein(MP) and polymerase protein,would interact with host plant proteins during virus infection process.The yeast two hybrid system is a useful method to analyze the interaction between proteins in vitro and applied widely in studying the interaction between proteins of plant and virus.This article mainly presented the advances of the protein interaction of plant and virus by using yeast two hybrid during the past decade.

    • Progress in Studies and Utilization of Special Watermelon Germplasm Resources in China


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      Abstract:Special germplasm resources is an important component of watermelon germplasm resources, and it is paid more and more attention because of its special characters for special breeding purposes and important study value. In this article, progress in studies and utilization of special watermelon germplasm resources for branchless, dwraf, nonlobed-leaves, male-Sterility and delayed green leaf is introduced in China.

    • Regulation and Genetic Modification of Seed Oil Synthesis in Plants


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      Abstract:Plant Seed oil is a kind of important storage-products, containing multiple fatty acids . Seed oil is both human foods and main industrial materials The development of metabonomics enables us to get a global understanding of biosynthetic pathway of seed oil and fatty acids. There were been a great progress in improving seed oil quality and values by gene engineering in past decades. In the present review, the complexity of regulatory mechanisms of seed oil and fatty acids synthesis was analyzed at both metabolic and gene-transcriptional levels. Several effective strategies were developed for increasing contents of seed oil and nutritional-value fatty acids, and for creating new type of plants which would accumulate high levels of industrial fatty acids in their seeds through transgenic technology. It was also discussed the current problems and prospects of genetic modification of plant seed oil and fatty acids.

    • Allelopathic Effect in Plants and Biodiversity


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      Abstract:The definition, basic characteristics and fundamental mechanism of allelopathy are illustrated simply. On the basis of correlation with biodiversity theory the diversity of species, allelo-chemicals of allelopathic effect and their released pathways were summarized. Then the possible effects of allelopathy on biodiversity of species, genetic diversity and community ecology, co-evolution, soil habitation, ecological function and biological invasion in biodiversity of ecosystem were discussed concretely. An important idea on the combination between the utilization and management of allelopathy and the biodiversity protection was proposed. Meanwhile an essential study on the relationship and mutual influence mechanism between allelopathy and biodiversity, especially, its service function and values in ecosystem, should be considered a new approach for biological scholars, which will establish a academic basis for protection biology and chemical ecology.

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