QTL Mapping for qCG5 of Chalky Trait in Rice

1.Institute of Crop Sciences, Ningxia Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences;2.Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resource and Genetic Improvement/Key Laboratory of Crop Germplasm Resources and Biotechnology, Ministry of Agriculture

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Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Rice Breeding Program(2018NYYZ0302),Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Natural Science Foundation of China(2022AAC03459),Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Agricultural Science and Technology Independent Innovation Fund (NGSB-2021-13-3-3)

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    In order to explore the genetic loci underlying rice appearance quality-related traits , QTL mapping of chalky grain rate, chalkiness degree and grain type phenotypes in recombinant inbred lines were carried out based on the three-year phenotypic datasets (2019-2021). Twelve QTL related to appearance quality traits were identified. Four QTL to chalkiness percentage were located on chromosome 5 and 6 with the contribution rates of 3.53%, 18.32%, 13.97% and 5.62%, respectively. Three chalkiness-related QTL on chromosome 5 and 6 contributed to 15.64%, 12.29% and 6.27% of phenotypic variation. Five QTL were identifed on chromosome 5 and 12 with the contribution rates of 42.56%, 46.75%, 55.50%, 3.86% and 4.30%, respectively. The genetic interval (0.833 cM) between the markers Marker49932 and Marker160033, where three QTL qCGP-5-2, qCGP-5-3 and qCGG-5-1 of chalkiness rate and chalkiness degree were resided, contributes >10% of phenotypic variation. The locus in Marker49932-Marker160033 interval is a new QTL for chalky grain rate and chalkiness, which can be further delimited in a higher resolution and might be of great significance in rice quality breeding.

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