Investigation and Collection of Wild Buckwheat Germplasm Resource in Xizang Autonomous Region of China

1.Institute of Crop Sciences,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;2.College of Food Science and Technology,Sichuan Tourism University;3.College of Life Science and Health,Hunan University of Science and Technology

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National Key R&D Program of China(2021YFD1200100,2021YFD1200105)

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    Himalayan region of Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the origin center of buckwheat. The specific climate and geographical location of this region enabled the appearance of abundant wild buckwheat resources. In order to uncover the populations of buckwheat and their distribution in Xizang Autonomous Region,the wild buckwheat resource investigation team of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a survey and collection for 40 days from 2020 to 2021. Focusing on the important areas including Jinsha River,Lancang River,Brahmaputra River,Niyang River,Palong Zangbo and other rivers in Changdu,Nyingchi,Shannan,Lhasa and Shigatse,189 buckwheat wild plant germplasm accessions were collected in this five areas (122 Fagopyrum tataricum subsp. potanini,36 F. cymosum(Trevir.) Meisn.,10 F.esculentum subsp. ancestrale,8 F. gracilipes(Hemsl.) Dammer ex Diels,5 F. gilesii(Hemsl.) Hedberg,5 F. jinshaense Ohsako & Ohnishi,2 F. leptopodum Hedberg and 1 F.homotropicum). The abundant phenotypic variation among species collected from this region and significant difference in characteristics if compared to wild buckwheat accessions in other areas were observed. Since wild relatives of buckwheat has some elite characters,they might serve as a gene resources valuable for buckwheat breeding.

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