Analysis and Evaluation on Fruit Characters of Camellia oleifera in Low Thermal Valley Area of Guizhou

1.Research Center for Forest Resources and Environment of Guizhou Province/Key Laboratory of Plateau Mountain Tree Breeding of Guizhou Province/College of Forestry,Guizhou University;2.Guizhou Southwest Karst Regional Development Institute

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Science and Technology Planning Projects of Guizhou(Qian Ke He Zhi Cheng[2020]1Y057,Qian Ke He Fu Qi[2020] 4011),National Natural Science Foundation of China(32060331,31800516),Young Scientific and Technological Talents Growth Project of Guizhou Provincial Department of Education(Qian Jiao He KY[2018]097),Cultivation Project of Guizhou University(Gui Da Pei Yu [2019]35),Research Project of Introducing Talents in Guizhou University(Gui Da Ren Ji He Zi[2017]41)

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    We attempted to study the fruit quality characters in 77 Camellia oleifera Abel germplasms derived from the unique low thermal valley area of Guizhou,in order to determine the C. oleifera Abel germplasm with the best performance applicable for breeding. Fifteen characters(Single fruit weight,diameter,height,pericarp thickness,fresh seed yield,dry seed yield,kernel yield,kernel oil content,palmitic acid,palmitoleic acid, stearic acid,oleic acid,linoleic acid,linolenic acid,cis-11-eicosenoic acid)were analysed. Principal component analysis was performed to reduce the dimensionality of the data,thereby reducing the 15 main characters to four independent comprehensive indices(or principal components).The eigen value and contribution rate of the first principal component are 5.13 and 34.19%,respectively;the eigen value of principal component 2 is 3.03,and the contribution rate is 20.17%;the eigen value of principal component 3 is 2.33,and the contribution rate is 15.51%;the eigen value of principal component 4 is 1.25,and the contribution rate is 8.35%. Principal component 1 mainly represented the kernel oil content,principal component 2 mainly represented the single fruit weight,principal component 3 mainly represented the kernel yield,principal component 4 mainly represented the fresh seed yield. Functional expression analysis was performed to obtain the comprehensive score,followed by final ranking and screening. Among the 15 traits,single fruit weight,fresh seed yield,and dry seed yield showed abundant variations. Among the different fatty acids of C. oleifera Abel oils,including palmitoleic acid and cis-11-eicosenoic acid were extremely low(≤0.35%). Different degrees of correlation were detected between the 15 major traits. There was a significant positive correlation between kernel oil content and dry seed yield and between kernel oil content and dry kernel yield. The correlation between fatty acids was extremely significant except cis-11-eicosenoic acid. By using four principal components of characteristic value>1,a comprehensive evaluation function model based on oil tea plants in the low thermal valley area of Guizhou was established, and the top 10 C. oleifera Abel germplasms in the comprehensive score were selected(QC-8>QC-58>QC-21> QC-34>QC-32>QC-62>QC-30>QC-61>QC-59>QC-28). Our findings indicated that single fruit weight,fresh seed yield,and dry seed yield of the 77 germplasms in the low thermal valley area of Guizhou are the traits with high breeding potential,while thickness of pericarp and other fatty acids,except linoleic acid,have high genetic stability. The dry seed yield and kernel oil content of C. oleifera Abel in the low thermal valley area of Guizhou were negatively correlated with all unsaturated fatty acids,except oleic acid. Collectively,this study provided elite germplasms QC-8,QC-58,and QC-21 as candidate parental line for breeding improved C. oleifera Abel varieties.

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  • Received:July 17,2021
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