The Waxy Trait Genotyping and Elite Lines Selection in Adlay (Coix L.) Germplasms

1.Southwest Guizhou Institue of Karst Regional Development;2.Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;3.Adlay of Engineering Technical Research Centre in Guizhou

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Construction of Modern Agricultural Industrial System in Guizhou Province(No.201915),Guizhou Agricultural Service Fund(No.202051),Science and Technology Program in Guizhou Province(No.20192306),Southwest Guizhou of Science and Technology Program (No.2020-1-03)

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    Adlay (or Job’s tears) is a cereal crop used for food and Chinese herb, and it is a necessary supplement in dietary structure diversity. In order to select germplasm resources in breeding procedure and production application, this study analyzed the endosperm type in adlay. It was shown by field tests that all germplasm accessions represented rich genetic diversity in the main agronomical traits. Endosperm type was identified and elite lines were selected from 116 adlay germplasms by rapid iodine reagent dyeing and Waxy genotyping methods. Twenty-nine wild germplasms were nonglutinous (none-waxy), and the waxy grain ratio was 0~25.00%. However, both types, either waxy or none-waxy, were found in 87 cultivated accessions including 8 nonglutinous varieties and 17 waxy varieties. Two types were simultaneously detected in 62 cultivar germplasms. Sixteen elite lines including 14 waxy and 2 nonglutinous were identified based on the agronomical performance and endosperm types. In waxy lines total starch and amylose contents were 57.82%~71.51% and 0~4.98%, respectively, while in two nonglutinous lines the total starch content was 65.73% and 65.65%, and amylose content was 23.75% and 25.48%. PCR amplification in waxy lines produced a 550 bp fragment, while in nonglutinous lines a ca. 850-bp fragment was detected. The contents of amylose and amylopection were differed obviously, and Waxy genotype were homozygous and stable in heredity, which could be used as fundamental genetic stocks in quality modification and genetic improvement in adlay.

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