Innovation and Utilization of Characteristic Germplasm for Bast Fiber Crops

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    This report summarizes the achievements of collection, conservation, identification, innovation, distribution and utilization of bast fiber crop germplasms in China in the past five years. The mapping of important agronomic genes and deciphering of their molecular mechanism were described. The current status and future prospective of characteristic medicinal hemp and jute with functional leaf and high adsorption capacity for heavy metals are also reviewed. We believe that the theoretical and applied research of bast fiber germplasm have potential for serving the industries, the regional economic development, the targeted poverty alleviation and the rural revitalization.

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  • Received:September 13,2018
  • Revised:September 13,2018
  • Adopted:October 12,2018
  • Online: January 14,2019
  • Published: January 16,2019
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