Theory and Practice of the Safe Conservation of Crop Germplasm Resources in China

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Foundation project: National Key Technology Support Program (2013BAD01B01); MOA Conservation and utilization of Crop Germplasm Resources Program (2130135); National Natural Science Foundation of China Program (31371713)

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    China has abundant crop germplasm resources. At present, 340 kinds of crops have been collected and a total of 500,000 accessions have been conserved. How to ensure the safe conservation of germplasm resources is the responsibility and mission of the National Crop Genebank of China. Since the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the National Crop Genebank has systematically studied the theories and technologies of the safe conservation of germplasm. We have made breakthroughs on the key technologies of monitoring and early warning, regeneration and in vitro preservation. Based on the above research, we have created a technical system for the safe conservation of crop germplasm resources in China, which has been applied in the nationwide. The technical system would maximum prolong the safe longevity of germplasm, monitor and warn which need to be regenerated in Genebank, for avoiding the loss of germplasm resources due to the loss of vigor and genetic integrity. Therefore, it may provide a reliable guarantee for the safe conservation and effective utilization of crop germplasm resources in China.

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