Investigation and Analysis of Medicinal Plant Resources in Longling County of Yunnan Province

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Pilot work of the fourth national survey on chinese materia medica resources

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    Under a frame of the fourth national Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) resource survey, we conducted a two-year survey (2015 and 2016) on the geographical distribution of the medicinal plant resources in Longling county of Yunan province. According to the guidelines, wild?and cultivated medicinal?plant?resources were investigated, and traditional medicine knowledge and market was surveyed. In Longling, the field survey was conducted at 37 different locations of 10 different sub-district of Longling county. The medicinal plants and its specimens?were collected with data of interview from the local and assessing by investigation team. The herbariums were numbered to be 653#. Interestingly, we found that 606 species belonging to 437 genus, 142 families, were shown to be traditional medicine. For example. we identified 84 important medicinal materials, comprising of three types: (1) 48 species of origin plants of wild herbs, (2) 36 species of origin plants of cultivation herbs, and (3) 24 species that are listed as national rare and endangered medicinal plants. >30 species of medicinal plants were found in Longling county, including wild medicinal plants clubmosses, cogongrass rhizome, golden buckwheat, puerarin, dichroa, huang jing, rhizoma arisaematis, etc., and cultivated medicinal plants Caulis dendrobii, amomum, polyphylla, Paris polyphylla, gentiana, aconite, Radix dipsaci, notoginseng, spreading hedyotis herb, salvia miltiorrhiza, platycodon grandiflorum, Sculellaria barbata, Rhizoma polygonati, angelica, CARDS, etc. Out of that, Caulis dendrobii, amomum and Paris polyphylla Comparing were found to be cultivated with large area. Furthermore, a large number of valuable medicinal plants were found to be existed and widely distributed Longling county. Thus, the findings of this study might provide insights and germplasm resources that potentially support sustainable development of medicinal plant resources of Longling county.

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  • Received:March 29,2018
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  • Online: January 14,2019
  • Published: January 16,2019
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