Genetic Analysis and Chromosomal Localization of Powdery mildew resistance gene PmCH1302

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    Powdery mildew, caused respectively by Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici ( Bgt), is globally important diseases of wheat.In this study,a new wheat germplasm line CH1302, crossed by common wheat Jintai170 and Wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium partial amphidiploid TAI7047, was characterized by a genetic analysis and chromosomal localization of powdery mildew resistance gene. The result of genetic analysis showed that the adult resistance to Bgt E09 in CH1302 was controlled by a single recessive gene, which was tentatively designated as PmCH1302. ISelect 90K SNP chips was used to analysis the disease resistance and susceptible pools of F2 population Mianyang11 ?CH1302, and found 313 polymorphism locus in wheat chromosome arm 2AL. Using 63 pairs of SSR primers of the SNP polymorphism locus, three codominant SSR markers, Xwmc522、Xgwm356 and Xgwm526, were identified to be linked with PmCH1302 according to bulked segregant analysis, and the genentic distances between the target gene and flanking markers were 12.8 cM, 3.1 cM, 7.8 cM, respectively. Further comparison with PmCH1302 and Pm4, Pm50 located on the 2AL found that PmCH1302 may be a new powdery mildew resistance gene.

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