Nutritional Quality and taste quality appraisal analysis of proso millet

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The ministry of agriculture of crop germplasm resources protection and utilization of special nwb030 (2016-08); Countries proso millet germplasm resources platform (NICGR2016-027); Shanxi academy of agricultural sciences breeding project special yzgc107 (11)

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    Nutrition and taste quality are two main indexes of grain quality of proso millet. Crude protein and fat are importment components of nutrition quality, while lysine and soluble sugar are two main ingredients of taste quality. The contents of crude protein, crude fat, lysine and soluble sugar of Shanxi Province representative 90 proso millet accession were tested and analysed. That proso millet in the differences of nutritional quality and taste quality, select a group of germplasm resources which is good in nutritional quality or taste quality or both, and provide the use in breeding, production and processing. The results showed that the average contents of crude protein, crude fat, lysine and soluble sugar were 11.88%,3.69%, 0.19% and 2.04% respectively. Some superior germplasm were screened out, such as 7 better nutritional quality germplasm with crude protein content and crude fat content more than 13.00%,and 4.00% respectively; 15 better taste quality germplasm with higher lysine content of 0.20% and soluble sugar content of 2.00% and 3 both better nutritional quality and taste quality germplasm with more than 13.00% crude protein content, 4.00%crude fat content, 0.20%lysine and 2.00% soluble sugar. Again at the same time analyzed the nutritional quality and taste quality and relevance of different types of germplasm, shows that nutritional quality of hard proso millet is better than soft proso millet,, taste quality of soft proso millet is better than hard proso millet, red grain germplasm nutritional quality and taste quality is the best, white, brown, multicolor germplasm is in the middle, yellow grain is the worst; Grain shape and nutritional quality and taste is not significantly related to quality. It will Provide reference which high quality character can be used in the future.

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