Expression of OsERF96 response to pathogen and functional analysis of its promoter

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)

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    OsERF96 in rice was previously found to upregulated by Xanthomonas Campestris attack, but its role in rice immunity and its expressional regulation remains elusive. In the present study, the transcripts of OsERF96 were analyzed in response to inoculation of Magnaporthe oryzae (M.oryzae) as well as exogenous application of salicylic acid (SA) and Methyl Jasmonate (MeJA). The results showed that the transcripts of OsERF96 were increased at 1-4 day post inoculation (dpi) of M.oryzae compared to that in mock-treated control plants, with the maximum at the 1 dpi. Additionally, the transcripts of OsERF96 were up-regulated steadily in response to exogenous application of SA. The GUS expression driven by OsERF96 promoter was consistently upregulated with inoculation of M.oryzae in transgenic lines. GUS activities are increased with treatment of M.oryzae or exogenous SA. The data collectively showed that OsERF96 could respond not only to Xanthomonas Campestris attack, but also to M.oryzae inoculation and its promoter is pathogen-inductive.

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