Molecular characterization and expression analysis of TaTAC1 gene in Triticum aestivum L.

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    Tillering angle affects plant population structure, photosynthetic efficiency and morphogenesis, ultimately affects the yield and quality. Studies of tillering angle had rare reports in wheat. For parsing the expression pattern of TaTAC1 and having a preliminary understanding of the molecular genetic mechanism and genetic relationship with the tillering angle,This study used CN16,SM969,Lan2399,SHW-1 as materials and homology-based cloning to separate TaTAC1,using bioinformatics software to analyze the characteristic of TaTAC1 sequence, applying real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR to analyze its expression pattern. In order to investigate the function of TaTAC1,this study used subcellular localization by transient expression of TaTAC1-GFP fusion protein on onion epiderm.The length of TaTAC1 is about 1.1~1.2 kb, including 780 bp complete ORF and 320~370 bp 3 'UTR. ORF encoded 260 amino acids. There were two types of TaTAC1 cDNA sequence. there was a base mutation at No.10 of the cDNA sequence in CN16-2 and SM969-2,which causes to terminate in advance so as to gene expression being block. In addition, there were 6 bases insert “CGCGCG” in 109-115 base location that led to protein β-pleated sheet decreasing. Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR analysis showed that TaTAC1 in leaf sheath, stem had efficient expression of tillering stage, tillering node, leaf and root expression quantity minimum.SPSS20.0 analyzed the gene expression in tillering node of each period and tillering angle had significant positive correlation. Pearson correlation coefficient was 0.677;Other organizations expression quantity and tillering angle had no significant correlation.TaTAC1 had subcellular localization in the cell membrane.TaTAC1 was expressed under different organization in different periods .It expressesd specificity organize time and space. The gene expressed in leaf sheath, stem, tillering node efficiently. Location expression quantity of tillering node was associated with a significant phenotypic and protein in the cell membrane. Thus speculate TaTAC1 had positive regulation with tillering angle at the mRNA level, and it may be involved in auxin polar transport process to change the size of tillering angle.

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