Identification and Genetic Analysis of Gall Midge Resistance in Rice Germplasm GXM-001-1

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    Rice gall midge harm to southernrice become graduallyserious, so new resistantsources are urgently neededin the breeding.Guangxi local variety GXM-001-2 was used as male parent to hybridize、backcross and selfing with somevarieties and got group of F1、、F2、BC1F1. These varieties include an insect susceptible variety TN1 and carrier lines of known resistance genes W1236 (Gm1), IET2911(Gm2), BG404-1(gm3), OB677(Gm4), ARC5984(Gm5),Duokang1(Gm6).The resistance of parents and hybridize generation to Gall Midge were identified and genetic analysis, The results showed that GXM-001-2 was highly resistant to GM China typeⅡ and Ⅳ,and was all controlled by a dominant gene. The allelism test showed that this dominant gene was non-allelic to Gm1、Gm2、gm3、Gm4、Gm5 or Gm6, It suggested that this gene may be a new rice gall midge resistance gene.

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