Genome-wide analysis of ANK gene family and expression pattern of the ANK25 gene in Snap Bean

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    Ankyrin repeats, as one of the most commonly protein motifs, are involved in diverse protein-protein interactions in various life activities. Based on Snap Bean genome database and bioinformatics method, we obtained Snap Bean ANK family genes and analyzed their molecular biological characteristics. A total of 30 ANK genes were systematically identified from Snap Bean and located on 9 chromosomes. The chromosome 5 has 13 genes, which is more than other chromosomes. Protein structure domain analysis showed that ANK25 still contains a RING domain besides an ANK domain. Ring proteins are mainly involved in gene transcriptional regulation, DNA repair and recombination. The transient expression in Arabidopsis protoplasts displayed that ANK protein mainly contributed in plasma membrane. Expression pattern analysis found that ANK25 is responsive to drought, salt and exogenous ABA. This study provides valuable information regarding the classification and functions of ANK genes in Snap Bean.

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