Genetic diversity of gliadin in some American wheat germplasms and their effect on quality properties

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    Abstract: In order to know the diversity in 67 American wheat germplasm resources and investigate the effects of gliadin variation on wheat quality characters, A-PAGE was used to analyze the variations of prolamin among those wheat germplasm resources. moreover, their farinograph and physical chemistry qualities were tested. The results showed that there were 1332 protein bands in tested germplasms and there were 49 protein bands with different mobility. Most of those different mobility bands showed great polymorphism. Each material had 13 to 28 bands. The number of bands in α、β、γ and ω zones had big difference. Different material has different bands. The genetic similarity ranged from 0.54 to 0.90,with an average of 0.731.Cluster analysis based on genetic similarity of seed gliadins showed that 67 cultivars could be divided into 6 clusters at the level of GS 0.607.Significant or extremely significant correlation were found between 17 of the 49 bands and 36 kinds of wheat quality characters.6 bands(The mobility were 49.0、49.6、56.2、56.7、79.4、85.4、86.8) were positively correlated with protein content, gluten content and zeleny , while 60.5 was negatively correlated with protein content, gluten content and zeleny. 11 bands(The mobility were 26.5、42.0、49.6、52.5、56.2、56.7、62.2、64.1、72.0、79.4、86.8) were positively correlated with good wheat farinograph of dough stable time, development time and Stretch area, etc., while another 6 bands (34.4、47.5、49.0、60.5、69.4、85.4)showed opposite trend. High genetic diversity in 67 American wheat germplasm resources was observed and bands which were positively correlated with good properties were existed, which would provide theoretical guidance for the further use of those 67 germplasm resources and high-quality wheat varieties breeding.

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