Analysis of restorer gene in male sterile line 1193A with Sinapis arvensis L cytoplasm using SSR marker

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    In order to study restoring gene, F2 population was builded by male sterile line 1193A with Sinapis arvensis L cytoplasm as female parent and restorer line 1193R2 as male parent. Using SSR marker and bulked segregant analysis (BSA) , polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis were performed to identify genetic linkage markers for 1193A CMS restorer gene and to map the markers. 1521 SSR markers were analyzed and the result showed 36 markers were polymorphic between parents and gene bulks. F2 population detection indicated 8 markers linked to the restore gene, two of which located on both sides of the restore gene and closely linked to the restore gene with a genetic distance of 3.9 cM for CB10316 and 5.7 cM for BnGMS171, respectively, which could be used as candidate markers for marker-assisted breeding of restorer line.

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