Research on Genetic Mechanism of White Sheath in Maize inbred line K10

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    Maize with white sheath is one of important materials for genetic research. In this study, the genetic mechanism and gene loci of the white sheath of maize inbred line k10 were studied. The phenotype of F1 generations produced by reciprocal cross of K10 and other lines showed that white sheath was a recessive trait and controlled by nuclear genes. The segregation ratios of F2 generations were not consistent with Mendel's regulavity of segregation, indicating white sheath was controlled by multiple genes. The chloroplast ultrastructure of the white sheath and the green sheath was detected by Transmission Electron Microscope in F2 generation group. The results indicated that complete structure of chloroplast was fewer than the green sheath and grana as well as thylakoid was absent in most of the white sheaths. There was no significant difference of chla, chlb and total chlorophyll contents between the white sheaths and the green ones. However, all of them were found to be more in the green leaves than white leaves. By the method of SSR technology, the genes controlling the trait of white sheath in maize were mapped on the chromosome 8 and 9, respectively.

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