Evaluation and Identification of major agronomic characteristics for Shanghai Chongming local Soybean Germplasm

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    The major agronomic characteristics of 9 local soybean germplasm resources collecting from Shanghai Chongming islands was evaluated, the results showed that there are clear difference among 9 soybean germplasms. According to the photoperiodical reaction of each germplasm, they were falled into spring-planting ecotype and summer-planting ecotype, among them ,the liuyueba,zaolvpi and wudaqing were belong to spring-planting ecotype, the others are belong to summer-planting ecotype. Comparing with the fresh pod quality of each germplasm, the zaolvpi,wudaqing and huangniutabian are excellent germplasm used in vegetable soybean breeding, which are with big fresh pod (pod width was longer than 1.5cm, and pod length was longer than 6.0m) , and pubescence on the pod was sparse and gray, their fresh grain are with good flavor, aroma, slightly sweet taste, and 100-seed weight was greater than 40g.The germplasm ‘guliqing’ is with green cotyledon, it can be used to produce seedling vegetable. The total-protein content of 9 germplasm are more than 42%, among them,the total-protein content of liuyueba and xibayuebai is more than 45%,they are belong to high-protein germplasm.The germplasm resistance to SMV and Soybean rust could not be find in 9 germplasm,which should be make further improvement on the resistance

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