Investigationand Cluster Analysis of Main Morphological and Economical Characters for Oiltea Resource in Hainan

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    Main morphological and economical characters of 12 oiltea resource was investigated and cluster analyzed, Results showed that morphology and oil compositon of oiltea in Hainan are the most diverse and tree body, the size flower, fruit and leaf was less than that of C. gauchowensis. Fresh seed rate were between 19.84-36.21% while the dry kernel rate was 49.64-64.22%, and oil content of kernel was 44.56%-52.21%. Content of unsaturated fatty acids of oil tea in Hainan was 87.58-89.68% and linolenic acid content of only 0-88.7% of the C.oleifera, while content of saturated fatty acids were significantly higher than that. Cluster analysis showed that C.oleifera of Hainan had significant difference with C.oleifera from mainland and C. gauchowensis. In addition to the resources of Boao in Hainan, the other Hainan was classified into 1 class. This study provides theoretical and technical foundation for further classification of Hainan tea and resource utilization.

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