Resources of Vaccinium Linn. in Yunnan Province

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)

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    Abstract:Yunnan Province rich in species diversity and genetic resource of Vaccinium linn.. Through the field investigation, specimens and literatures searching, there are 45 species, 12 varieties in Yunnan of which 9 species and 7 varieties are endemic to Yunnan. The distribution altitude is mainly in the range of 400-4300 m. The geographic distribution, botanical characters and genetic diversity of the Vaccinium Linn.,species are summarized, and 8 species with medicinal and exploitation value were discussed in detail. The collection, preservation and utilization were also preliminary discussed. The aim of this paper is to provide basic information for the research and utilization of Vaccinium Linn. in Yunnan Province.

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