The state of Utilization and Sustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources

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Exploration, innovation and utilization of genetic forest resources

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    Genetic improvement programs have been carried out for more than 100 forest tree species in China. China produces an average of 23 million kg seeds of various tree species and more than 13 billion qualified young plant stocks. Significant gains have been achieved due to the use of genetically improved plant materials in plantations, achieving an average growth gain of 10-30% for timber trees and an average yield gain of 15-68% for fruit trees. China imports more than 150,000 kg tree seeds annually, involving more than 50 species; and exports 300,000 kg tree seeds and plant stocks of over 400 species annually. In the past 10 years, China has made significant progress in sustainable management and utilization of FGR, future priority should be given to the maintenance and capital subsidy to the conserved FGR, strengthening supervision of seed market and information services, and further enhancing the supply and use of genetically improved seeds.

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