A New Extraction Method of Mature Kenaf Leaf ’s DNA for Cytoplasmic Genome Amplifying

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    The research aimed to extract the high quality and yield genomic DNA from mature kenaf(Hibiscus cannabinus L.) leaves.According to the character of containing amylase and polyphenol,the kenaf varieties Fuhong 952 mature leaves were extracted by improved CTAB and SDS method, and they were identified by agarose gel electrophoresis,ultraviolet spectrophotometer method.The results showed that the sample hole was clean and no pulling,OD260/OD280 was about 1.9,the yield was up to 1.84μg/g . when the genomic DNA extracted by improved CTAB method was electrophoresis.and its quality and yield was higher than that extracted by improved SDS method. Genomic DNA extracted by improved CTAB also can be used in kenaf RAPD ( Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) Molecular markers, mitochondrial DNA, chloroplast DNA universal primer PCR amplification .therefor, the improved CTAB method was the effective methed of extracting the high quality and yield genomic DNA from mature kenaf leaves,and can be used for the kenaf molecular markers and cytoplasmic genomics research.

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