Studies on Starch Granule-Associated Proteins and Starch Content in Local Wheat

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    The majority of Starch granule-associated proteins (SGAPs) are believed to correspond to starch biological enzymases and identification and characterization of SGAPs are beneficial to the finding of novel mutants, which is very important to understand better the mechanisms of starch biosynthesis and improvement of starch quality in the breeding programms. In this study, we firstly Separated SGAPs of 74 indigenous wheat accessions from the adjacent areas of Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan of China using 1D-SDS-PAGE technique and analysed starch and amylose content . A total of 9 different bands with molecular weights 57~130 kD, were found, of which bands 1and 2 were novel protein bands and 12 mutants with the deletion of Wx-B1 and 3 rare mutants with the deletion of SGP-B1(SSII ) were presented. The amylose content of the studied accessions was between 14.73% and 40.73%, with an average of 20.39%, and that of 10 materials was about 15% and 2 over 30%.These results are very important for further study on the of starch synthesis mechanism and improvement of starch quality.

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