Analysis and Evaluation of Agronomic Traits and Nutritious Elements of Red Rice Germplasm Resources in Jiangxi Province

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    The major agronomic traits of 94 accessions of red rice landraces and nutritious elements of 33 accessions in Jiangxi were analyzed and evaluated.The results showed a high seed setting rate for all entries with other characteristics of lodging,weak resistance to rice blast,medium 1000-grain weight and type of maintainer line.Nutritious elements were generally at a high level and 26 varieties had higher content of lipid(more than 3.0%) with that of Liushuihong up to 4.62%.Some varieties with high content of Ca,Se,vitamin B1and B2 were selected including Hongmimake(81.6mg/kg Ca) and Hongjingmi(0.09mg/kg Se).Six varieties with vitamin B1 more than 2.0mg/kg were screened with the highest of 17.0mg/kg for Zaohong.Ten varieties contained vitamin B2 more than 0.1mg/kg with 0.6mg/kg in Youhongzi.Studies on the red rice provide valuable information to the utilization of germplasm resources and will contribute to rice breeding programs.

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