Study on the Floral characteristics Characteristics and Sstructure in Two Types of Male Sterile Lines of Bbroccoli(Brassica oleracea var.italica)

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CARS-25-A;Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Horticultural Crops,Ministry of Agriculture,P.R.China.

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    Broccoli is an important cruciferous vegetable, it has a good anti-cancer effect, with the expanding cultivation area of broccoli and the developing of anticancer drug, the demand for broccoli seeds are increasing. Using male sterile line to produce F1 generation seeds is an important way to utilize of heterosis, but the cytoplasmic male sterile lines commonly used in production have the problems of the buds death are heavier in the early, nectar volume is less and seeds production are low. Our group makes excellent broccoli inbred lines as male parent. cabbage dominant genic male sterility material 79-399-3 and cytoplasmic male sterile material OguraCMSR3 629 as the infertility sources, we have obtained multiple dominant genic male sterile lines and cytoplasmic male sterile lines of broccoli through backcrossing method, in order to further effectively use of broccoli male sterile lines and search for better infertility sources, The the differences of the bud death numbers, floral organ structure and number of or frequecing bees visiting flowers among dominant genic male sterile(DGMS)lines,cytoplasmic male sterile(CMS)lines and inbred lines of broccoli 8554, 8590 and 93219 were studied. The results showed that the differences of the bud length, bud diameter, death buds of single branch, corolla diameter, stamen length, anther length, petal length, the times of visiting bees, the number of visiting bees and the time of bees staying on the flower between DGMS and CMS of lines 8554, 8590 and 93219 were significant. On As athe whole, above characteristics in DGMS lines were significantly better than CMS lines.

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  • Received:April 22,2013
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