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于海飞1, 杜晓宇1, 殷贵鸿1, 邹少奎1, 李 楠1, 张 倩1, 吕永军1, 王丽娜1, 王雅美2, 韩玉林1
解析小麦抗倒伏遗传机制,发掘抗倒伏位点,选育抗倒伏品种,对于保障我国粮食生产安全具有重要意义。‘周8425B’是我国黄淮麦区重要的小麦骨干亲本,农艺性状优良,其衍生品种具有较好的抗倒伏特性。本研究对‘周8425B’及其衍生品种等62份材料的8个抗倒伏相关性状进行评价,并结合50K SNP芯片数据进行全基因组关联分析(Genome-wide association analysis,GWAS)。共计检测到226个显著关联SNP标记,分布于21条染色体上的42个位点上,分别解释7.0%~18.8%的表型变异。其中,14个位点与已报道的位点一致,其它28个位点为新的位点。另外,还在显著位点处鉴定到3个候选基因,分别编码E3泛素连接酶、纤维素合酶和细胞分裂蛋白酶。本研究对于小麦品种抗倒伏性状改良具有参考价值。
关键词:  小麦,‘周8425B’,SNP标记,抗倒伏,全基因组关联分析
Genome-wide Association Mapping for Lodging-resistance Related Traits in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
It is important to uncover the genetic mechanism of lodging-resistance, and to explore the lodging-resistance genes and select the lodging resistant varieties of wheat, for ensuring food production safety in China. ‘Zhou 8425B’ is an important wheat backbone parent in Huang-Huai region of China with excellent agronomic characters, from which derived varieties with good lodging-resistance. This study explored the lodging-resistance associated loci in ‘Zhou8425B’ and 61 derived varieties, based on genome wide association analysis by 50 K SNP chip and eight lodging reaistance related traits. A total of 226 significantly associated SNP markers were detected, which were distributed at 42 loci on 21 chromosomes, accounting for 7.0%-18.8% of the phenotypic variations, respectively. Among them, 14 loci were consistent with the previously reported loci, and the other 28 loci were new. In addition, three candidate genes encoding E3 ubiquitin ligase, cellulose synthase and cell division protease were found at the significant sites. This study is of great significance for breeding lodging resistant wheat varieties.
Key words:  wheat, ‘Zhou 8425B’, SNP marker, lodging-resistance, GWAS