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杨庆文, 程云连, 张丽芳, 韩振云, 李 飞, 张万霞, 乔卫华, 郑晓明
稻米色泽是水稻种质资源多样性的重要组成部分,也是满足彩色稻米市场需求的重要物质基础。本研究团队在野生稻种质资源整理过程中发现了一份包含部分绿米(果皮呈绿色)的资源,经过多代自交,获得稳定的高代品系,命名为LM8。LM8光敏感性强,易与亚洲栽培稻杂交,在广西晚稻种植株高为117.7 cm,剑叶长32.1 cm,剑叶宽1.1cm,穗长22.5 cm,有效分蘖数19,株型直立紧凑。千粒重8.73 g,粒长5.76 mm,粒宽2.09 mm,粒型椭圆,富含脂肪和人体所必需微量元素。亲缘关系研究结果表明,LM8属AA基因组,与亚洲栽培稻在同一个组,应不属于野生稻。但是,LM8在发现初期具有有芒、落粒性强、颖壳坚硬呈深褐色等野生性状,因此推测LM8为杂草稻类型。LM8的发现及研究不仅可以促进水稻果皮颜色遗传发育调控网络的建立和完善,也能够为创制绿色稻米水稻新品种提供遗传材料,满足消费者多元化选择并在乡村振兴中发挥重要作用。
关键词:  水稻  种质资源  绿色果皮
DOI:10.13430/j.cnki.jpgr. 20210610001
Discovery and Study of A Green Pericarp Germplasm in Rice
YANG Qing-wen, CHENG Yun-lian, ZHANG Li-fang, HAN Zhen-yun, LI Fei, ZHANG Wan-xia, QIAO Wei-hua, ZHENG Xiao-ming
(Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Colorful-pericarped rice is an important component of rice germplasm resources. It could be the key material for satisfying the market demand for colored rice. An accession of rice that produced some seeds with green pericarp was found during our investigation of the collected rice germplasm resources. A stable line of green rice was obtained by multigeneration selfing, and was named LM8. It was highly light-sensitive, and was easily crossed with Asian cultivated rice. When grown in Guangxi, it produced 19 effective tillers per plant, with an erect, compact habit, and with the plant height, flag leaf length, flag leaf width and panicle length of 117.7 cm, 32.1 cm, 1.1 cm, and 22.5 cm, respectively. LM8 had very small, ellipsoidal seeds with 1000-grain weight of 8.73 g, 5.76 mm in length and 2.09 mm in width, rich in fat and essential trace elements needed by human body. The evolutionary tree demonstrated that LM8 was of AA genome type and grouped with Asian cultivated rice. Having some wild characteristics in its initial discovery, such as the presence of awn, strong shattering of seed, and hard deep-brown hull, LM8 could be a kind of weedy rice. This study would not only promote the establishment and improvement of genetic development and regulation network of rice pericarp color, but also provide the genetic material for innovation breeding of green rice varieties, and therefore satisfy the diverse consumer preferences and play a positive role in rural revitalization.
Key words:  rice  germplasm  green pericarp