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李景芳, 王宝祥, 刘 艳, 刘金波, 陈庭木, 孙志广, 杨 波, 邢运高, 迟 铭, 徐 波, 徐大勇
水稻是我国最主要的粮食作物之一,水稻的安全生产越来越依赖分子生物学功能基础研究。PPR(pentatricopeptide repeat)蛋白是水稻中较大的蛋白家族之一,其数量非常庞大,研究证明PPR蛋白由核基因编码是细胞器前体RNA加工所必须的,如RNA起始翻译、RNA稳定、RNA剪接、RNA编辑,调控水稻叶绿体和线粒体等的发育,进而影响水稻的花粉、胚、胚乳、叶片及其它组织的生长发育,该类蛋白表达受抑制严重影响水稻正常生长发育。对近年报道的水稻PPR蛋白结构、分类、定位、RNA作用靶位点、作用方式及其对水稻生长发育的影响进行综述。对已报道水稻PPR蛋白功能作出总结并对今后PPR蛋白对水稻种质资源的创新应用等可能的研究方向进行了展望。
关键词:  水稻  PPR  RNA加工  生长发育
Progress of Research in Functions of PPR Proteins in Growth and Development of Rice
LI Jing-fang, WANG Bao-xiang, LIU Yan, LIU Jin-bo, CHEN Ting-mu, SUN Zhi-guang, YAGN Bo, XING Yun-gao, CHI Ming, XU Bo, XU Da-yong
(Lianyungang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Lianyungang 222000)
Rice is one of the most important grain crops in China. The safe production of rice paddy increasingly relies on basic research in molecular biological function. The large number of PPR (pentatricopeptide repeat) proteins is one of the relatively large protein families in rice. Studies have shown that PPR proteins are encoded by nuclear genes and are needed for RNA processing of organelle precursor, such as RNA translation initiation, RNA stability, RNA splicing, RNA editing, regulating chloroplast and mitochondria development in rice, and then influence the growth and development of pollen, embryo, endosperm, leaf and other tissues. Inhibition of the expression of PPR proteins would seriously hinder the normal growth and development of rice. A review of rice PPR protein structure, classification, localization, RNA target sites, action mode and its influence on rice growth and development reported in recent years is provided. The functions of PPR proteins that have been reported in rice are summarized, and prospects for possible research directions like the innovation application of PPR proteins on rice germplasm resources in the future are discussed.
Key words:  rice  PPR  RNA processing  growth and development