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惠 建, 白海波, 马斯霜, 陈晓军, 吕学莲, 李树华
基于高感白粉病小麦品种宁春4号和高抗白粉病品种宁春27号构建的重组自交系群体(RIL),以及简化基因组测序方法获得的遗传连锁图谱,通过QTL定位分析了小麦成株期白粉病抗性基因。结果表明:4对主基因控制的加性-上位性遗传模型适合于RIL群体的成株期白粉病抗性;2个稳定的抗病QTL QPm.naafs-4D和QPm.naafs-7D的分别来自宁春27号和宁春4号,其中在不同环境下QPm.naafs-4D的LOD为5.9 ~ 15.4、加性效应为-1.1 ~ -1.2、表型变异解释率为18.6% ~ 34.5%,该位点与侧翼标记的遗传距离为4 cM。通过序列比对确认QPm.naafs-4D的抗性基因即为持久多抗基因Pm46/Lr67/Yr46/Sr55,它可直接应用于小麦抗白粉病分子辅助育种。
关键词:  小麦  白粉病抗性  成株期  遗传模型  QTL定位
DOI:10.13430/j.cnki.jpgr. 20210531001
基金项目:国家自然科学基金项目(31660394, 31960428);宁夏回族自治区自然科学基金项目(2019AAC03151, 2018AAC3189);宁夏回族自治区农业育种专项(2018NYYZ0202);宁夏青年科技人才托举工程(TJGC2019074)
QTL Mapping for Wheat Powdery Mildew Resistance at the Adult Stage
HUI Jian, BAI Hai-bo, MA Si-shuang, CHEN Xiao-jun, LYU Xue-lian, LI Shu-hua
(Agricultural Bio-Technology Centre, Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences)
This study reported a quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping for identifying the adult-stage powdery mildew resistance genes in a recombinant inbred line (RIL) population of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). This population was derived from the highly susceptible variety Ningchun 4 crossing with the highly resistant variety Ningchun 27, and genotyped using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) approach. The results showed that the additive-epistatic genetic model using four pairs of major genes was suitable for identifying the powdery mildew resistance loci. Two resistance-conferring loci QPm.naafs-4D and QPm.naafs-7D have been identified from Ningchun 27 and Ningchun 4, respectively. Out of them, QPm.naafs-4D represented a LOD value of 5.9 to 15.4 at multiple environmental conditions (additive effects: -1.1 to -1.2), and contributed to a phenotypic variation of 18.6% to 34.5%. This locus was delimited to a genetic distance of 4 cM harboring the durable poly-resistance gene Pm46/Lr67/Yr46/Sr55. Sequence analysis confirmed that QPm.naafs-4D in Ningchun 27 was identical to Pm46/Lr67/Yr46/Sr55. The resistance-conferring donor line is valuable in marker-assisted breeding for powdery mildew resistance in wheat.
Key words:  Wheat  Powdery mildew resistance  Adult stage  Genetic model  QTL mapping