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高飞1, 严勇敢1, 吉万全2, 刘五志1, 翟军海3, 李凤艳2, 高源1
关键词:  陕西  农作物种质资源  保护利用  地方特色资源  现状与对策
Research Progress on the Collection, Protection, Innovation and Application of Germplasm Resources in Shaanxi
GaoFei1, Yan Yonggan1, Ji Wanquan2, Liu Wuzhi1, Zhai Junhai3, Li Fengyan2, Gao Yuan1
(1.Shaanxi Seed Work Station, Xi’an;2.Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University;3.Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shaanxi Procince, Xi’an)
Shaanxi province has a long history of agronomical cultivation culture and hosts abundant germplasm resources. Twice actions of China national-wide germplasm survey and several rounds of the regional resource investigation have unlocked ca. 18000 germplasm accessions including 13828 which are registered and persevered in National Crop Genebank of China including food crops (11341), economic crops (1473), vegetables (687), fruit (191) and forage crops (136). Through research and practices in agriculture germplasm, there have been significant progresses in breeding for crops like wheat, rapeseed, corn, apple, tomato, etc., along with noticeable economic benefits in exploiting values from the local characteristic and wild resources like black rice, pepper, walnut, tea and kiwi. However, problems on protection and utilization of germplasm resource in Shaanxi remain, such as inadequacy in the germplasm resources protection system, which fails to address the continued disappearance of some germplasms. In particular, the current system does not have appropriate incentive and management mechanisms to fully support the entire cycles of crop resources management, including search & collection, protection, utilization and management of the germplasm resources, which has hindered the realization of the full value of germplasm resources. We suggest to establish a long-term system valuable for the collection, characterization, protection, innovation and application of germplasm resources. Moreover, we suggest to explore the commercial value of precious or unique germplasm resources, thus serving the breeding for new varieties in Shaanxi.
Key words:  Shaanxi province  crops germplasm resources  development and protection  local characteristic resources  current?situation?and?strategy