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刘方方, 万映秀, 曹文昕, 张琪琪, 李 耀, 李 炎, 张平治
倒春寒严重影响小麦的产量和籽粒品质。降低倒春寒危害,采取农业防御技术费时费力且减害效果不明显,培 育抗倒春寒品种是最经济有效的途径。而抗寒育种依赖于科学、准确、快速、系统的倒春寒抗性鉴定评价体系。本文从鉴 定方法、鉴定时期、鉴定指标、评价标准等方面对小麦春季抗寒性研究进行了综述,介绍目前倒春寒抗性鉴定研究现状,并 解析小麦倒春寒抗性鉴定的分子生物学基础;提出应以产量性状为评价指标,在小麦拔节期、孕穗期和开花期分别进行倒 春寒抗性评价,筛选综合抗性强的优异种质资源,解析其分子遗传机理,通过创新再利用,为选育抗倒春寒小麦品种提供新 材料。
关键词:  小麦  倒春寒  抗性鉴定
Advances on Identification of Wheat Cold Tolerance in Spring
LIU Fang-fang, WAN Ying-xiu, CAO Wen-xin, ZHANG Qi-qi, LI Yao, LI Yan, ZHANG Ping-zhi
(Crop Research Institute,Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences/ Anhui Provincial Key Lab of Crop Quality Improvement)
The freezing caused by low-temperature in spring seriously destabilizes the yield production and grain quality of the common wheat. However,such currently techniques show some limitations including laborious-and timeconsuming as well as less effective reduction of the cold damage. It is of great significance to establish a simple,scientific,rapid and systematic evaluation methods and indices system of wheat tolerance to late spring coldness for avoiding the impairment of the late spring coldness on wheat. In this paper,the methods, periods,indicators and evaluation criteria to identify wheat late spring coldness resistance were summarized, which of the molecular biological basis were parsed,and proposed that it is necessary to perform systematical evaluation of the late spring coldness resistance at jointing,booting and flowering stage,respectively,screening of allelic variation and analysis of underlying molecular mechanism for further utilization in wheat breeding program to develop wheat cultivars with high and stable yield in China.
Key words:  wheat  late spring coldness  cold resistance identification