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黄咏梅, 李慧峰, 李彦青, 滑金锋, 廖金秀, 银捷, 梁耀文, 陈天渊
截止2020年10月,广西共收集、保存甘薯种质资源825份,包括地方品种479份,选育品种266份,品系69份,近缘野生种2份,以及来源不详的资源9份;编入广西甘薯种质资源圃586份,对这些资源进行了农艺性状、干物率和产量鉴定,对部分资源进行了营养品质鉴定和抗病性鉴定,获得各类优异种质 126 份。建立了“三轨制”保存方法,完善了甘薯种质资源的保存更新技术。获得定性数据 5107 条和定量数据10202条,建立了甘薯种质资源数据信息管理系统,实现资源、数据、信息三共享。对486份种质资源进行遗传多样性分析,构建了122份广西甘薯种质资源核心库,利用核心种质及其衍生材料作亲本,先后育成优良甘薯品种33个,取得了显著的经济、社会和生态效益。
关键词:  广西  甘薯  种质资源  鉴定  利用
基金项目:第三次全国农作物种质资源普查与收集行动(111721301354052035);广西科技重大专项(桂科 AA17204045-7);国家自然科学基金(31660627);国家现代农业产业技术体系广西创新团队建设专项(nycytxgxcxtd-03-11-3);现代农业产业技术体系建设专项(CARS-10-C19);广西自然科学基金(2017GXNSFAA198024) ;广西农业科学院基本科研业务专项(2015YT28)
Current Status of Sweet Potato Germplasm Resources in Guangxi Province of China
HUANG Yong-mei, LI Hui-feng, LI Yan-qing, HUA Jin-feng, LIAO Jin-xiu, YIN Jie, LIANG Yao-wen, CHEN Tian-yuan
(Institute of Maize Research,Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
total of 825 sweet potato germplasm accessions are preserved until October of 2020 in Guangxi province of China, including 549 landraces, 266 cultivars, 69 breeding lines, two wild relatives as well as ten accessions without passport information. Out of them, 586 accessions have been registered into germplasm resource nursery in Guangxi. The characterization of the agronomic characters, dry matter content and yield in the whole panel, as well as the quality-related traits and disease resistance in a sub-panel lead to the identification of 126 elite accessions. The preservation and Renewal Technology of Sweet Potato Germplasm Resources has been improved. The data management system containing 5107 and 10202 data points regarding to the qualitative and quantitative traits, respectively, has been established. Based on the genetic diversity analysis of 486 sweet potatoes, we established a core germplasm collection with 122 accessions. Thirty-three new sweet potato varieties have been released by taking use of these germplasm accessions. The application of new varieties in agriculture resulted in remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.
Key words:  Guangxi  sweet potato  germplasm resources  identification  utilization