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杨颜榕, 黄纤纤, 赵亚男, 汤佳玉, 刘喜
叶色突变体不仅是研究水稻光合作用、叶绿素合成与降解以及植物生长发育的重要材料,而且在水稻杂交制种、提 高生物量等方面具有较高的实际应用价值。目前,超过 120 个水稻叶色相关基因被克隆,分布在水稻 12 条染色体上,其中第 3 号染色体克隆的基因最多。本文从水稻叶色遗传机理与基因克隆、分子调控机制及其在水稻育种上的应用进行了总结与展 望,以期为水稻高光合育种及挖掘适宜用于杂交制种的水稻叶色种质资源提供依据。
关键词:  水稻  叶色基因  分子机制;育种
Advances on Gene Isolation and Molecular Mechanism of Rice Leaf Color Genes
YANG Yan-rong, HUANG Qian-qian, ZHAO Ya-nan, TANG Jia-yu, LIU Xi
(School of Life Science, Huaiyin Normal University)
Leaf color mutants in rice are important materials for deciphering the photosynthesis, chlorophyll synthesis and degradation, and plant growth and development, and they are also with high practical value in producing hybrid seeds and improving biomass. To date, over 120 genes modifying the leaf color have been molecularly cloned on 12 chromosomes, including chromosome 3 where the most number of genes were reported. In this paper, the genetic mechanism and molecular isolation of leaf color genes, the regulation mechanism and the practical use in rice breeding were summarized and prospected. This might provide a basis for high photosynthetic breeding and the exploitation of leaf color germplasm resources suitable for hybrid seed production in rice.
Key words:  rice  leaf color gene  molecular mechanism  breeding