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绿色草莓(Fragaria viridis Duch.)自交后代的生物学特性观察及评价
葛春峰, 张海元, 陈丙义, 蔡斌华, 章镇, 乔玉山
本文对绿色草莓(Fragaria viridis Duch.)及其自交后代5个株系的生物学特性进行了观察,其生物学特性与母本均存在一定程度差异,在观察的67个性状中,我们获得了可溶性固形物等42个差异明显的性状。利用SPSS软件对其中15个差异明显性状进行主成分分析和变异系数分析,结果表明植株高度、植株冠径、小花梗长、小花梗粗、叶柄粗、花序梗粗及花粉生活力是区分绿色草莓及其自交后代株系的重要指标。5个自交一代株系自交坐果率差异明显,其中株系Ls-S1-4属于自交不亲和最强的株系。本研究为绿色草莓自交亲和/不亲和系的创建奠定基础。
关键词:  绿色草莓  自交后代  生物学特性  主成分分析  自交不亲和
Biological characteristics and evaluation of self-cross progenies of Fragaria viridis Duch.
Ge Chunfeng, Zhang Haiyuan, Chen Bingyi, Cai Binhua, Zhang Zhen, Qiao Yushan
(Nanjing Agricultural University.)
Morphological traits and growth habits of F. viridis Duch. and five accessions of F. viridis self-cross progeny were described. Variation among five self-cross accessions and F. viridis was assessed, of all 67 biological traits, we obtained soluble solids and other fourty two significant differences. Fifteen obvious traits were conducted by principal component analysis and variation coefficient analysis, plant height, plant size, pedicle length, pedicle thickness, petiole thickness, inflorescence thickness and pollen vitality provide the key indicator for diversity of five self-cross accessions and F. viridis. A significant difference of self-cross fruit setting rate was found for this five accessions and Ls-S1-4 was considered as highly self-incompatibility. The research will lay the foundation for self-compatiblity/incompatibility lines.
Key words:  Fragaria viridis Duch  Self-cross progenies  Biological characteristics  Principal component analysis  Self-incompatibility